Ali Emre Kayhan & Kürşad Deniz & Kağan Yıldız

March 07-21:00 PM - March 07-23:00 PM
Ali Emre Kayhan & Kürşad Deniz & Kağan Yıldız
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Ali Emre Kayhan

Emre Kayhan was born in England in 1970. He started his musical trainings by playing the mandolin at the age of 7 and guitar at the age of 9.

Ferit Odman is an on demand and busy jazz drummer based in Istanbul. He started his music studies in Sweden as an AFS exchange student (1999), got a full scholarship to get his B.A.

Kağan Yıldız was born in Istanbul in 1980. He started his musical education with his uncle Orhan Akıncı who is a music teacher.

Kamil Erdem

Kamil Erdem


Jazz bassist and latin/classical guitarist.

Kerem Görsev began his adventure in music at the age of 6 when he started studying piano at the classical music conservatory in Istanbul.

Kursad Deniz was born in Istanbul in 1983. He is a graduate of Galatasaray Highschool and the Department of Computer Engineering of Galatasaray University.

Önder Focan

Önder Focan started music by playing mandolin at the age of 8. He switched to guitar at 15 and concentrated on jazz in 1975.

Sibel Köse is Turkey’s First Lady of Jazz. Raised in Ankara and mainly self taught, she has emerged as Turkey’s top female jazz vocalist.

Tuna Ötenel was born in Istanbul in 1947. He started playing piano at five years old. His father, Ahmetoğlu Cevdet Bey was a violinist and concert performer, and guided Tuna in his steps.

Yahya Dai

Yahya Dai


Yahya Dai was born in Ankara in 1963. In 1974 he started playing soprano block flute and then switched to saxophone in 1981.

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March 07-21:00 PM
March 07-23:00 PM
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