Fatih Erkoç is the son of Hasan Erkoç, an oud musician. He gave a violin to his son when Fatih was three years old. Fatih studied at Istanbul Municipality Conservatory.

Ferit Odman is an on demand and busy jazz drummer based in Istanbul. He started his music studies in Sweden as an AFS exchange student (1999), got a full scholarship to get his B.A.

Feyza Eren

Internationally acclaimed jazz vocalist, Feyza Eren, returned to her hometown of St. Louis from Istanbul, in 2011, after spending 15 years singing jazz with Turkey's finest musicians.

Born in 1993, Fulya Akça took her first steps in music by taking flute lessons at 12.

Bilgi Üniversitesi Sosyoloji Bölümü’nden mezun olan Funda Akyazıcı, Koç Üniversitesi’nde Executive MBA Master Programı’nı tamamladı.  Ardından profesyonel hayatında uzun süre uluslararası ticaret s

Gökhan Sürer studied jazz-piano and composition at  Istanbul Bilgi University and attended lectures of  important musicians such as Neset Ruacan, Kamil Özler, Ali Perret, L.Butch Morris, Can Kozlu,

Born in 1977, Gülle is the leading Turkish artist of his generation who attracted the attention of art critics and music lovers with his innovative music language.

Gürtuğ Gök

Gürtuğ Gök


Gürtuğ Gök graduated from İTU TMDK kaval and composition department in 2011, and started to play saxophone with an interest to jazz music.


Hakan Behlil

Hakan Behlil


Hakan Behlil was born in 1954 in Istanbul. He got interested in music while he was studying at the German High School. The band he played with in high school, 'Dönüşüm', got signed later on.