Eren Turgut

Eren Turgut


Eren Turgut, born in Istanbul, worked on the double bass with Tekin Okcebe from Istanbul State Conservatory in 2009 and afterwards in 2010, he got into Kocaeli University Double Bass Art Major.

Ergüven Başaran has played in many different orchestras for a very long time. These orchestras include Kadri Ünalan, Aydemir Mete and Süheyl Denizci’s orchestras.

Erkan Oğur

Erkan Oğur was born on 17 April 1954, in Ankara, Turkey.

Esra Fidan

Esra Dalfidan, singer and leader of the band, gets to know her close group of musicians during her studies in Amsterdam.

Eylem Pelit

Eylem Pelit

Bass guitar

Born in 1987 in İstanbul, Eylül Biçer started playing music during his years in Kabatas High School.