Eren Turgut

Eren Turgut
Eren Turgut, born in Istanbul, worked on the double bass with Tekin Okcebe from Istanbul State Conservatory in 2009 and afterwards in 2010, he got into Kocaeli University Double Bass Art Major. In his university years, he worked on the double bass with Tekin Okcebe, counterpoint, harmony and form with teaching assistant Özgür Ulusoy and Onur Karabiber. He worked on jazz harmony along with classical music with Cem Dinler, an alumnus of Bilgi University Jazz Composition Department, and Emrah Sarıtunalılar. In 2013, he performed at IKSV Young Jazz Nardis stage with Jazz Square. He joined in the “Aydınlık Evler” album project team of Çağ Erçağ who is an important cellist from Çellistanbul, and got the opportunity to perform at various stages, Borusan Sanat in particular. In addition to being a part of Kocaeli University Academic Orchestra and İzmit Chamber Orchestra, he performed in a myriad of stages, CRR Concert Hall in particular.
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Eren Turgut's upcoming events

Eren Turgut's past events

Umut Ünleyen Trio

December 20-21:00 PM - December 20-23:00 PM

Umut Ünleyen (p), Eren Turgut (b), Yağız Nevzat İpek (d)

Esra Kaya Quartet

January 04-22:30 PM - January 05-00:30 AM

Sinan Altıparmak Quintet

January 25-21:30 PM - January 26-00:30 AM