Güç Başar Gülle

Güç Başar Gülle
Born in 1977, Gülle is the leading Turkish artist of his generation who attracted the attention of art critics and music lovers with his innovative music language. Gulle’s unique style derives from his comprehensive knowledge of Ottoman-Turkish music, Jazz and Classical music. His first album ‘Ilk Renk’ (2010) has surpassed the basic synthesis of Ottoman-Turkish music and jazz and was widely acclaimed. Gulle’s music language achieved global attention and the album was played on radio in many different countries such as USA, Ireland, Brazil and Australia. In ‘Ilk Renk’, Gulle uses an unprecedented combination of instruments; ud (Guc Basar Gulle), percussion (Turker Colak) and contrabass (Volkan Hursever). Güç Başar Gülle earned his master’s degree from İstanbul Technical University Turkish Conservaory of Turkish Music in 2004, after completing his undergraduate studies in Boğaziçi University Philosophy department. Gulle pursued his studies at the Berklee College of Music in 2004 and completed four years Jazz Composition Department’s program within two years. Between 2007-2009 he studied Contemporary Composition at Istanbul Tecnical University in Advanced Music Studies Gulle has collaborated with prominent Jazz musicians like Leo Blanco, Bruno Raberg ,David Fiuczynki , Tiger Okoshi in various projects and toured in US with different ensembles as a guitarist and ud player. As an Ottoman-Turkish music researcher Gulle presented seminars Turkish music at different venues including Berklee College of Music and a seminar for BBC Symphony Orchestra players. Gulle composed music for the German documentary ‘Von Mülleseln und Seifenfrauen – Geschichten aus Mardin’ directed by Dirk Michael Sichaefer and featured on channel ARTE. His pieces for guitar duo were performed by ‘Duoist’ at the University of Memphis and recorded at their album ‘İki Elin Sesi’. Gulle’s recent collaborations include a project album “Anahtar” with Canadian musician Andrew Downing with the supports of “Canada Counsel of Arts”. In 2013 Gulle was invited by the University of Toronto to present seminars about Ottoman-Turkish music and to perform in a various music venues in Canada. The same year Gulle became the first Turkish ud artist to record with ECM label by taking part in the album ‘Journey to Anatolia’. Gulle has recently released his second album ‘Bensiz’ (Self Free), a contrabass-guitar duo album with jazz elements. Performed by Gulle himself on guitar and Volkan Hursever on contrabass the album has received positive reviews, especially about its concept and recording technique. As a prominent educator Gulle has recently published books on ear training and keyboard skills. As a versatile artist Guc Basar Gulle is pursuing his career in Istanbul as a composer, performer, teacher and music researcher.
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Güç Başar Gülle Trio

January 18-21:00 PM - January 18-23:00 PM

Güç Başar Gülle (g), Erhan Ertetik (b), Necmi Taşkıran (d)

İpek Göztepe Quartet

February 16-21:00 PM - February 16-23:00 PM

Bilge Günaydın Quintet

February 18-21:30 PM - February 19-00:30 AM