Önder Focan & Şallıel Bros. “Funkbook”

December 13-21:30 PM - December 14-00:30 AM Nardis Jazz
Önder Focan & Şallıel Bros. “Funkbook”

Batu Şallıel (ts), Anıl Şallıel (as), Halil İbrahim Işık (p, keyb), Önder Focan (g), Mehmet Özen (b), Erhan Seçkin (d).

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Batu Şallıel

Batu Şallıel


After encouragement of his saxophonist father Mümin Şallıel, Batu started his musical life by the age of nine.

Halil İbrahim Işık

Halil İbrahim Işık

Piano, Keyboard, Trumpet

Born in İstanbul. Was eight years old when he initiated his achievement in music. Graduated from İstanbul State Conservatory high school and university as a classical trompet and piano student.

Önder Focan

Önder Focan started music by playing mandolin at the age of 8. He switched to guitar at 15 and concentrated on jazz in 1975.


December 13-21:30 PM
December 14-00:30 AM
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