Serkan Özyılmaz

Serkan Özyılmaz
Serkan Özyılmaz was born in Istanbul in 1976. He studied piano with Metin Ülkü, Lale Önge, and Hülya Ardıç at the State Conservatory of Mimar Sinan University. He also studied composition with İlhan Usmanbaş, Ahmet Yürür, and Hasan Uçarsu and graduated from the Composition Department in 2002. Among his compositions are: "suit for two viola", "etudes for piano", "orchestra music with two bolumes", and "suit for piano and strings." Özyılmaz has performed with many jazz groups and jazz musicians such as Cengiz Baysal, Volkan Öktem, Volkan Hürsever, Eylem Pelit and Önder Focan. In 2003, Özyılmaz attended the EBU Jazz Orchestra. Currently, he serves as a pianist in the TRT Light Music and Jazz Orchestra. He is also a member of the Beck’s Big Band.

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Serkan Özyılmaz's past events

Ozan Musluoğlu Quartet

December 22-21:00 PM - December 22-23:00 PM

Serkan Özyılmaz (p), Engin Recepoğulları (sax), Ozan Musluoğlu (b), Ferit Odman (d)

Tamer Temel Quintet - Serbest Düşüş

March 14-22:00 PM - March 15-01:00 AM

Ayşe Gencer Trio / Jazz After Work

March 16-21:00 PM - March 16-23:00 PM