Deniz Taşar

Deniz Taşar

Deniz Taşar’s musical journey starts with the Robert College Orchestra. At Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Arts where she enrolled to study design, she meets musicians to accompany her in this journey and finds herself in Nardis Young Jazz Vocal Contest. Finishing first in this contest is followed by successes at Akbank and IKSV contests. From then on she performs at important jazz clubs of Istanbul and international festivals. Apart from performing classics of jazz, she also performs different genres such as Jazz, Soul, R&B, and Trip-hop with the band she formed. Same band starts to give life to Deniz’s compositions. Arrangements made together with the band and Deniz composed all the lyrics and music in this album which consists of her most current and fresh songs. Of all the tiredness and sadness accumulated in this journey, Uykuda Bir Bulut is the build-up with the lightness of a cloud. It embraces every moment of life with hope and joy, and to leave them behind, it memorialises unpleasantness. With the wishes of finding stories of your own and accompanying to a period in the life of the artist…


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Deniz Taşar Quartet

January 24-21:00 PM - January 25-00:30 AM

Tuluğ Tırpan ft. Deniz Taşar

March 15-22:30 PM - March 16-00:30 AM

Deniz Taşar Band

March 28-21:30 PM - March 29-00:30 AM