Ceyda Köybaşıoğlu

Ceyda Köybaşıoğlu
Ceyda Köybaşıoğlu, born in Istanbul, discovered her interest in music by playing the piano when she was little. After graduating from F.M.V. Işık High School, she graduated from Avni Akyol Fine Arts High School in Classical Guitar Art Major. She performed in concert organized by her school and she came in first place in classical guitar category in Turkey Fine Arts High Schools Contest. Her choice of bass guitar training through her university years came from her interest in modern music. In 2002, she got a full scholarship in Bilgi University Jazz Bass Guitar Performance Department where she trained with İmer Demirer, Selen Gülün, Raci Pişmişoğlu, Kürşat And, Donovan Mixon, Cengiz Baysal and Ricky Ford. She performed in university festivities, other festivals and a variety of clubs. Then she met with Keisa Brown in her Turkey concert and she became her back vocal. After graduating from Bilgi University Jazz Bass Guitar Department in 2007, she continued her performances in popular music as a vocalist. Continuing to perform as a vocalist, Ceyda Köybaşıoğlu performed in Afyon, Ankara and İzmir Jazz Festivals, composed jingles and sang a song named “Smile” for the movie “Başka Dilde Aşk”. Between 2010 and 2014, she worked with Aşkın Arsunan and sang songs in different languages. Ceyda Köybaşıoğlu came in first place in 2012 Nardis Young Jazz Vocals Contest and came in second place representing Turkey, in International Jazz Voices Contest held in Lithuania. She recorded an album with Selen Gülün with their project “Kadınlar Matinesi” and is still performing with them. Working also as a composer, Ceyda Köybaşıoğlu will be with you with her own r&b, soul, funk and jazz.
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